Tasnim Jabaly

Tasnim Jabaly studies Psychology at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal in Germany. She is in her final year of her Bachelor Degree. Besides studying she participated in interreligious and intercultural projects and was involved in documentaries about different social issues. Because of her interest in the islamic tradition and current discourse on the psychological field, she is now doing an additional internship at this institution.


NurFarzana Nizam

NurFarzana binti Nizam completed her Bachelor of Usuluddin (Aqidah and Islamic Thought) at University of Malaya in 2018 and currently pursue her Master’s degree in Academy of Islamic Studies at the same university majoring in Aqidah and Islamic Thought. She currently doing research on kalam scholars ideas and serve as Research Assistant at Islamic and Strategic Studies Institute (ISSI). Other than formal learning in class, she regularly involved with the traditional studies and also organized informal classes and intellectual discourses on contemporary knowledge, aqidah, politics, islamic and modern thought in University of Malaya with student organisation. She has experienced as volunteer in international islamic event such as Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention 2017 and The Third Kuala Lumpur International Kalam Symposium (KLIKS3) in Malaysia.


Muhamad Abdul Halim Rozali

Muhamad Abdul Halim Bin Rozali is an undergraduate student of International Islamic University Malaysia and currently in his final year of his Bachelor Degree in Human Sciences Psychology. Other than formal learning in class, he regularly involved with the traditional study of Islamic sciences by attending additional classes (talaqi) with religious teachers. Apart from that, he frequently join various intellectual discourse inside and outside IIUM campus including the programmes organized by CASIS-UTM and ISSI. Across his study years, he cultivated his interest in bridging human sciences and religious sciences especially in the science of kalam. His interest in that particular Islamic science brought him to involve in KLIKS 3 as a committee member and complete his internship at the institution as research assistant.


Mohamed Noor Fadzly Ameerudeen

Mohamed Noor Fadzly Ameerudeen is currently doing Master’s degree in Faculty of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences Majoring in Usul al-Din and Comparative Religion at International Islamic University Malaysia at the same time, serve as research assistant at Islamic & Strategic Studies Institute. He did his Bachelor’s degree in Usul al-Din and Comparative Religions at the same university.He actively involved in friendly comparative religion and harmony visit. He also has experience in religious studies from the traditional Islamic studies (talaqqi) and completed a few kitab. He love to engage with intellectual discourse and has been involved with Kuala Lumpur International Kalam Symposium (KLIKS3).

Halima Nasri

Halima Nasri is in her final year of her bachelor’s degree in Psychology of Science at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal in Germany. She came to ISSI to broaden her knowledge on Islamic Psychology and to research extensively.

Muhammad Shahrulanwar Mohd Shukri

Muhammad Shahrulanwar Mohd Shukri graduated his Bachelor of Shariah (Fiqh and Usul) at Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya in 2018. He is co-founder of The Thinkers and Neo-Siswa in UM, student groups conducting and organising intellectual discourses and talaqqi classes on Kalam, Logic, Usul Fiqh, Adab, Education, Islamic Thought, Western Philosophy, Worldview and Politics. He also attend intellectual classes organised by CASIS-UTM, Sekretariat Talaqqi Kitab Turath, Akademi Pemikiran Turath and Tirmidhi Centre. Before this, he works as Sales Assistant at Pelita Dhihin, providing books in Islamic Thought, Philosophy and Civilisation. Now, he serves as Researcher and Programme Coordinator at ISSI.

Nur Aina Atiqah Mohd Arif

Nur Aina Atiqah binti Mohd Arif is in her final year of Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Law and Business at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) and currently, she is doing her internship at ISSI Malaysia. She has actively involved in intellectual discourse on various areas including philosophy, and politics. Apart from that, she is now has conducted her Thinker’s Project, research related to Islamic thought, sociological, philosophical and legal areas.