The 1st Kuala Lumpur International Kalam Symposium (KLIKS 2106)

The increasingly complex geo-political realities of the 21st Century had seen disparate clash involving not only political , economic and military powers but also the influence of religion, thought and ideology. The spread of new line of thoughts such as neo-liberalism, post-modernism, relativism and anarchism beside the continuation of conventional thoughts such as the Enlightenment Age rationality, modernism and positivism, will shape and mould the thinking and living of the mankind of this century. Religion, thought and ideology will play an important role as to whether to unravel the complexity of this disparate clash or complicate matters further. Therefore, in facing the challenges of this concoction of religion, thought and ideology, there is this dire need to revive the expression and articulation of religion especially Islam for the Muslims, so as to remain relevant, dynamic and contemporary, in order to respond to the chaotic clash of religion, thought and ideology.

The science of Kalam or also known as Usuluddin or Tawhid, is the Islamic discipline which had a long and rich history and tradition in building the faith and thought of Muslims to address the various trends of religion, thought and ideology. In the traditional knowledge of the Ahli Sunnah wal Jamaah, a sect uphold by almost 90 percent of the Muslims all over the world, Kalam has proven to be successful in relaying the continuity of the understanding of faith and Islamic thought which is analytical, rational and systematic. This was done by manifesting the features of wasatiyyah, harmony, unity and progress to successfully create an Islamic civilization which was respectable for many, many centuries.

Unfortunately, the 20th Century that passed us by, had left a devastating impact on the Muslim world, that is, the loss of ability by the Muslims to express or articulate the understanding of the Islamic faith and thought that is relevant, dynamic and contemporary. Instead it was being dominated by political rhetorics and intense display of anger not only in the socio-political context but also in the aspect of living and practising the religion. It is time for a more rational, reasonable, systematic and intellectual expression and articulation of the Islamic faith and thought to be demonstrated in the public sphere of the Muslims and non-Muslims as proof of wisdom and blessing of the Islamic religion.

With this realisation, Islamic and Strategic Studies Institute (ISSI) Malaysia in collaboration with Kalam Research & Media (KRM) UAE has taken the initiative to organise SIMPOSIUM KALAM ANTARABANGSA KUALA LUMPUR FROM 22 – 24 MARCH 2016 or The 1st Kuala Lumpur International Kalam Symposium (KLIKS 2106). The first ever KLIKS will feature two renowned figures who mastered the science of Kalam, namely Profesor Dr Aref Ali Nayed and Shaykh Dr Saeed Foudeh. This inaugural Conference on the Kalam Knowledge to be held here, has put Malaysia in the forefront of the effort to create mutual understanding, harmony and peace in a world that is currently full of conflicts, through the approach of knowledge which is full of wisdom and oriented by the blessings of the Islamic religion itself.

The symposium which is also supported by the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM) and World Association for Al-Azhar Graduates (WAAG), Malaysian Institute of Strategic Islamic Research (IKSIM), Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought and Civilisations (INSISTS), Universitas Darussalam Gontor (UNIDA), Universitas Ibn Khaldun Bogor (UIKA), Young Intellectual and Ulama Council of Indonesia (MIUMI) and Centre for Human Rights Research and Advocacy (CENTHRA) together with IKIMFM and TVIKIM as media partners will be filled with various scholarly sessions. These include the keynote ceremony at the Malaysian Islamic Arts Museum, Epistemology Workshop at IKIM, a Muzakarah discussion jointly organized with Islamic and Strategic Studies Institute of Malaysia (IKSIM) and a Special Dialogue Dinner at Putrajaya as well as the the launch of new books of Kalam. By organizing this symposium, ISSI and KRM hope that it will pave a new initiative towards refreshing, rejuvenating and reviving the world of Kalam, Usuluddin, Tawhid as well as Islamic Faith and Thinking in tackling the current clash of religion, thought and ideology. InshaAllah.


Managing Director ISSI / KRM Director for East Asia

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