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Sunni Publications, a publishing house that seeks to uncover hidden gems of traditional Islamic scholarship and provide the reader with works from the past and present that reflect its rich heritage and enlightening depth. Resting on the academic framework of Islamic theology, spirituality and legal theory, our publications aim to acquaint the reader with the rational and textual foundations of the Sunni creed, explore the purifying force of Sufism and connect with the Messenger of Mercy, our Master Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and his family. Special attention is given to Aleppine and Damascene scholarship in this regard. Concurrently, we hope to contribute to the clarification of common misconceptions and address modern challenges facing the traditional Islamic discourse.

Since 2007, Sunni Publications has published thirteen titles of which nine in English and six in Arabic, and continues to pursue a number of projects in various languages. Our publications include both introductory and advanced works, intended to inspire as well as offer research, catering readers of different backgrounds and persuasions.

Knowledge is better than wealth since knowledge protects you while you protect wealth
Knowledge increases when you share it while wealth decreases
Knowledge is a judge while wealth is judged over
(our master `Ali b. Abi Talib, may God ennoble his countenance)