About Us

Who are we?

Islamic and Strategic Studies Institute Berhad (ISSI Malaysia) is a research, publication, translation, education, policy and advocacy organisation composed of intellectuals and professionals who are committed to engaging in the Islamic intellectual and spiritual traditions in the context of contemporary modern and postmodern challenges.

ISSI Malaysia is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organisation, incorporated on 18th of November, 2010 in Malaysia under the Malaysian Companies Act,1965 as a Company Limited by Guarantee and Not Having a Share Capital with the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

The objectives for which ISSI Malaysia is established are:-

1. To carry out systematic research, training and consultancy for the public and private bodies interested in the areas of Islamic and Strategic Studies in the forms of research fellowship and collaboration, policy research and advisory, media strategy and communication.

2. To set up a library consisting of relevant information and materials from all disciplines of knowledge useful in the acquisition and diffusion of Islamic and Strategic Studies as a field of study and to disseminate knowledge on Islamic and Strategic Studies in order to increase public awareness through various media such as research reports, web and internet-based publications, books journals and newsletters.

3. To organise conferences, courses, forums, seminars and lectures for specialists and general public as a continuing education and training process for critical and creative understanding of Islamic and Strategic Studies and to promote dialogues and mutual relationships with individuals and institutions interested towards the better understanding of Islamic and Strategic Studies concerning the muslim ummah.